2 world titles, 2 x SIMA board of the year, 1 Shaping Icon Award

It's hard to find a more celebrated surfer/shaper/surfboard combination than John John Florence, Jon Pyzel and the Ghost

What makes the Ghost go so much better than other modern shortboards?

The secret to the Ghost is that the wide point on the board is much further forward than other short boards. This makes the board a dream to paddle, as the bulkiest part of the board is right under your chest when paddling.
It also allows the tail to be pulled in when compared to other boards the same size, allowing for easy transition from rail to rail and A LOT of speed!

What are the best conditions for the Ghost?

The Ghost performs well in most conditions but really comes into its own when the waves are hollow or overhead.
The down the line speed makes it a dream to thread barrels with and the pulled in tail holds even through the most vicious turns, as demonstrated by 2 x World Champ John John Florence.

What do other surfers say about the Ghost?

Don't just take it from us! Check out what our good friend and superstar surfboard scientist Noel Salas has to say about the Ghost:

Does the Ghost come in just one set of standard Dims?

Nope! You have the standard Ghost, The Ghost Pro, and the Ghost Project 12. Check them all out below!

The design that JJF rode to his (second) 2017 World Title! The Ghost is a possibly the first truly High Performance board that works great for all levels of surfer and could be considered a one-board quiver for any surf trip with decent to good waves on the menu.



The Ghost Pro is a slimmed down, tuned up version for the surfer wanting extra performance when the waves are pumping.
The Ghost Pro is designed to be slimmer than the regular Ghost so that you can ride it longer but keep the volume comparable. Great for days when the surf is big or for breaks where you need the extra paddle power that a longer board provides.



John John Florence's dims! Your opportunity to ride exactly what John John has under his feet! These boards are only available in 6’0 and 6’2 made to JJF’s Spec’s.