We are very proud to welcome LSD Surfboards to the Empire!

Creating something aesthetically beautiful, that has function and brings joy to a beginner surfer or an elite competitor are the reasons why LSD creator Luke Short is still passionate and evolving his designs after twenty years. LSD Surfboards are performance based with a creative flare, embracing new technologies and never afraid to think outside the square.

We are stocking an amazing selection of boards from LSD including the Noa Deane pro model, the Noa Chlorine, The GT and the Chubby Chedda.


The GT (Go-To) is the model Luke and Matt Banting have worked closely on refining over the last few years.

A high performance short board The GT has evolved along with the progression of Matt’s surfing ability and extra muscle power.

This means that Luke has added a smidge of extra width and thickness to the nose area and under the chest, to help with stability when landing big airs. This extra volume also enables Matt to ride his boards slightly shorter, fitting into more critical sections.

Grab the GT if you're a good to expert level surfer and you're looking for a highly responsive board that you are going to ride daily. This is a board that will help take your skill set to the next level.

Noa Pro Model

Have you ever found yourself looking for a board that just works straight away? Nothing with too many gimmicks, just a board that does exactly what you want it to every time you ask? We certainly do, and we think we have finally found the answer!

The Noa pro model caught our eye as soon as it came back from the glass shops. It feels great under the arm and that little swallow tail is just begging to be put on rail!

Don't just take it from us though, this is what Noa has to say about his favourite board:

"That’s the reason why we decided to get them out there, Almost the whole Head Noise clip is shot on them and they’re the best boards I’ve ever ridden. Easily. By a mile. They just go so good that we want other people to enjoy themselves on them too. You don’t even have to try and surf them. They just work." - Noa Deane

This board is for intermediate to expert level surfers looking for a board that is quick enough to back up a decent air game but is also hungry to be put on rail whenever a good section appears. A great 'middle of the quiver' board to be bookended by a small wave machine and a step up/gun.

Noa Chlorine

Created for the annual Stab High Waco air comps, this is a chopped down and widened out version of Noa's pro model.

Luke from LSD surfboards knew a few things before starting the board for Noa; he'd need to gain speed quickly, then keep that momentum before being able to launch off the end section as high as possible into a stable landing.

To do this, he pushed the foam in Noa's daily driver 6'0 down into a 5'10, adding some width in the nose and tail area and and a 1/4 inch of thickness to the board.

The result was a board that flies down the line as intended, but also performs very well in smaller waves. The added width in the nose allows the rider to get up and go quickly and the relatively straight rail lines add a ton of speed!

Have a look at this board for waves under 4 feet or as a go to high performance board in summer conditions.