Yow Surfskates

It doesn't matter what the conditions are like, YOW (Your Own Wave) Surfskates will have you pumping, carving and ripping the sidewalk all day, everyday. All of the YOW skateboards feature a specialised locking pin, which allows you to switch your carving machine into a standard cruiser.

Two boards in one...yes thanks!

The YOW Surfskate System

The YOW surfskate system also features a revolutionary locking pin on the front truck that converts your surfskate into a standard skateboard, so you can simply just cruise the streets when you're done ripping.

All Yow Surfskates are made from high quality materials in the Basque Country of Spain, unlike some other comparable brands which are made very cheaply in China. These boards REALLY last!

The Ride

YOW has a solid range of surfskates ranging from shorter, high performance set-up's, which are good for power turns and aerials through to longer boards, which are ideal for long drawn out turns and high speed stability.

Lineup Overview

31″ Coxos

The Coxos features a deep swallow tail that mimics your favourite small wave fish. Carve the footpath like it's a 3ft rip bowl.

32" Pipe

Pipeline is the ultimate wave to surf, and now thanks to Yow Surfskates, you can surf it anywhere you like!

32" Lakey Peak

Stop dreaming of surfing Lakey Peak when you can live it. Turn the footpath into a long peeling left-hander.

33.5" Pyzel Ghost

The world's most decorated surfboard is now available as a surfskate! Ride the footpath like John John.

34" Pyzel Shadow

Looking for smooth carves and tight snaps? Jump on the Pyzel Shadow and start ripping today.

34.5" Pukas Dark

Everything you loved from Basque Country's Pukas, has been crafted into a fun, rippable surfskate.

Want to know more about YOW Surfskates?

Check out the YOW YouTube channel to get your fix of all the street carving surfskates in action.