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Lost's the Driver is a user friendly, tried and tested design, productive and proven around the world, by a wide variety of both top-level and everyday surfers.

The Driver has morphed and evolved continually over the years, but the basic concept remains the same. Designed around a low tail rocker, balanced with a more generous nose rocker, it's meant to be ridden 'off the tail'. Because of its built-in drive and the fact it easily projects under tail pressure, the Driver is an easy choice for average ability surfers who stand heavy and rely on the rear foot for drive.

The DRIVER has been a mainstay of our competitive, high-performance line since its initial release in 2011. The accomplishments on, and accolades for, The DRIVER are too many to list. It was first designed in 21, in response to Kolohe Andino and Julian Wilson requests for a "stiffer tail, that pushes back with more drive". Julian netted some of his early career wins on board a Driver, and to this day, the Driver continues to be Kolohe's go-to board for surf between 3-6". Carissa Moore rode Drivers predominately to both her second and third World Titles, and Tyler Wright rode Drivers exclusively during her 216 World Title campaign.

The outline is 'modern modest': Smooth, with no noticeable hip, or bump, and nothing extreme in terms of nose or tail width. It has mid-volume rails, nose to tail, with a slight box in the tail. Along with the low tail rocker, the Driver features a modest concave from the centre, increasing through the front fins and blending to flat off the tail. This concave adds lift, and also ensures plenty of rail rocker curve under the rear foot, which loosens up the relatively straight tail rocker, and allows tight radius turns when put on a rail. 

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What Noel Says

Independent Review by Noel Salas

This surfboard review is on the Lost "Driver" surfboard. The Driver was originally launched in 2010-2011 and became a favorite amongst Lost team riders and surfers around the world. The main purpose for the release of the Driver in 2017 was to give the surf community the opportunity to purchase a board off the rack in surf shops with the same glass lay up as the Lost Pro team riders. With this option the boards are lighter, more responsive, and better flex. The one major draw back to this Pro-formance glass job is they don't last as long. I ordered two Drivers with the exact same DIMS in two different constructions. My thoughts around this were to see how the Driver performs in small waves with the Carbon Wrap EPS/Epoxy construction compared to the PU/Polyester Resin. Throughout the entire review I switched off riding them both but in the end I gravitated towards the PU/Poly as a favorite for this board review in 2-6' surf. I will say that the Driver is one of new favorites for 2017 and I recommend this board for surfers in the intermediate to advanced skill levels. This board is user friendly, very fast and responsive, and it has great flow too.

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