Lost x Carver Psycho Killer 29″ Complete

Lost x Carver Psycho Killer 29″ Complete
Lost x Carver Psycho Killer 29″ Complete

Lost x Carver Psycho Killer 29″ Complete



Scare away the helpless hordes while shredding side walks on this swallow tailed, double winged weapon. Featuring radical ResinWorks art, by The Son Of Cobra, the Psycho Killer is a real street slayer.

…Lost Surfskates is Carver’s newest collaboration with …Lost Surfboards and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos. One of the most cutting edge board designers in surfing today, Mayhem’s brash exploration of progressive surfboard design is the inspiration driving the brand, and his go-for-it style is reflected in the bold look of this this new collection.


9 3/4″ wide
2 7/8″ nose
6 3/4″ tail
16 1/4″ wheelbase

68mm x 78a Roundhouse Mag Smoke wheels

What’s the difference between the C7 and the CX?

The C7 is Carver’s signature surfskate front truck. It has an incredible amount of pump and turning radius, with a spring loaded swing arm that allows the nose of the board to sway slightly from side to side, with slightly wider and more stable turns than a CX truck. Basically, it feels more like a twin fin to ride, but has an adjustable spring you can tension or loosen to vary your ride.

The CX is Carver’s reverse-kingpin surfskate front truck. More pump and tighter turning than any other reverse kingpin truck on the market, but without any extra parts. It has a similar feel to the C7, allowing you to snap your turns from the tail and pump effortlessly for speed. It is more responsive than a C7 truck, with a lot more play in the tail, similar to a quad fin!

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