Board Bags

Explore our extensive collection, featuring a range of surfboard covers including sock covers, durable bags, travel covers, longboard covers, and funboard covers - everything you need to keep your boards safe and secure. Our surfboard sock covers offer a soft, snug fit, protecting your surfboard from scratches and dings during transport or storage. Opt for our robust surfboard bags, which provide enhanced protection from the elements for both short trips and long journeys. Travelling surfers will appreciate our specially designed surfboard travel covers, ensuring your boards arrive in top-notch condition wherever your adventures take you. Tailored for longboards and funboards, our covers cater to specialized needs, providing secure protection and easy handling for these larger board styles. At Surfboard Empire, we are dedicated to offering the finest surfboards and surfing accessories, ensuring surfers of all levels find the perfect gear. Shop now and give your surfboards the care and protection they deserve.