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Surfboard Volume Calculator

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Recommended Volume 23.31L

What is surfboard volume?

Volume is the amount of area (In litres) contained in a surfboard, calculated by its overall length, width, thickness & foil. Volume is a benefit of computer-assisted shaping.

Volume is the first measurement to look at when choosing what surfboard size to buy. It’s the starting point once a surfboard type/ model has been decided on. Arguably the most important measurement when choosing a surfboard size as it will eliminate the wrong size boards immediately. For more experienced surfers it is used in context with the other dimensions to create an accurate overall picture of the surfboard suitability. Volume is found in the dimensions options for each surfboard model i.e. 6’0” x 18 3/4” x 2 3/8” - 28.50 ltrs.

Use volume in collaboration with the surfboard type, dimensions & features to give you a very accurate picture of the surfboards performance characteristics.