Mark Richards of MR Surfboards is a 4 time world champion surfer hailing from Newcastle Australia. MR was the first and only surfer to win a world title surfing on equipment that he shaped for himself. 

After first picking up a planer at age 13, MR mastered his art studying under the tutelage of legendary Hawaiian shaper Dick Brewer in the winter of 1977 when he had the idea to revisit the outline of the twin fin surfboard. 

The boards he shaped that winter led to the creation of the now legendary Freeride Twin Fin, which lives on today as the 1980 Retro Pro. Mark rode this model to victory in all four of his world titles ('79, '80, '81, '82).

These days MR still surfs and shapes daily, combining his special blend of retro flavour with modern outlines, making boards that you can either hang on your wall or take out in the next big swell. His most popular models include the MR Cali Twin and MR Super Twin 2.