Crisis Twin
Crisis Twin
Crisis Twin
Crisis Twin
Crisis Twin

Crisis Twin

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The Crisis Twin is a natural evolution from the Mid Length Crisis, originally ridden as a 2+1. Observing surfers using twin keel fins in the forward boxes, we realised it transformed the board's performance, though the fin placement wasn't optimal. This led to the creation of the Crisis Twin, a twin fin-only version of the MLC, designed with speed and flow as its main objectives.


  • Optimised Twin Fin Placement: For enhanced control and performance.
  • Semi-Traditional Outline: Wide-point forward, sleek, and racey for fast, down-the-line drive, yet full-bodied for stability and glide in weaker waves.
  • Tweaked Nose Outline: Slightly pulled in for added curve, improving carve capabilities.
  • Added Nose Rocker: Frees up the board in tighter pockets and late drops.
  • Beautiful Foil: Beaked nose to round tail, with a rolled deck maintaining volume in the centre for paddling ease and thinned out rails for sensitivity and bite.
  • Long, Clean Curve: Smooth flow on rail and through turns with a moderate, consistent rocker from tip to tail.


  • Mild Vee with Double Concave (Spiral Vee): Ensures easy rail-to-rail transitions, making smooth turns achievable for all levels of surfers.


  • Fast Paddling: Designed to quickly generate speed and maintain flow.
  • Smooth Turning: The long, clean outline and consistent rocker provide smooth, controlled turns at any speed.

Ride this board as short or as long as you prefer. It performs excellently as both a compact rip stick and a longer cruiser.

The Crisis Twin is a fast paddling, fast surfing, and super fun addition to the Velocity Project lineup. It will inspire you to tackle weaker, funkier waves with enthusiasm and ensure you have a blast on any long, lined-up wave you encounter.


  • Fast Paddling
  • Smooth Turning
  • Versatile Performance

The Crisis Twin is designed to bring out the best in your surfing, whether you're riding small, playful waves or long, powerful lines.

If you like the sound of the Crisis Twin but are uncertain about committing to twin fins, consider the Mid-Length Crisis. Its 2+1 setup offers an ideal transition from thrusters to twins, providing versatility and performance to suit your evolving surfing style.

Crisis Twin

From $1,099.00