The Noa Chlorine Squash

The Noa Chlorine Squash
The Noa Chlorine Squash
The Noa Chlorine Squash

The Noa Chlorine Squash



The Noa Chlorine Squash by LSD is a great small wave performance board that is ideal for waves under 4ft. It's super-fast, is quick of the mark and holds that speed extremely well down the line, (In Noa's case, begging for a massive ramp to hit).

Think high-performance shortboard for the Australian summer and you end up with The Noa Chlorine. It was originally created for the annual Stab High Waco air comps but quickly became a staple in the quiver during the Summer when the waves were smaller and lost a bit of push and Noz needed something to maintain speed for some of his big explosive maneuvers.

The Noa Chlorine has;

  • Generous foam throughout, adding some width in the nose and tail area
  • A lowered entry rocker to increase speed on the take-off
  • Added thickness under the chest

The Noa Chlorine should be ridden around 2 - 3 inches shorter than your good wave performance board.

If you love the sound of the Noa Chlorine but are looking for something that can handle a bit more size, checkout the Noa Pro which is perfect for high-performance surfing from 2-8ft.

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