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5' 9" X 18 7/8" X 2 3/8"

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The design that JJF rode to his (second) 2017 World Title! The Ghost is a possibly the first truly High Performance board that works great for all levels of surfer and could be considered a one-board quiver for any surf trip with decent to good waves on the menu.

A super versatile board, it has become one of JJF's favorites for all kinds of surf (Margaret River winner, Bells Ollie Oop, J-Bay carves, and even head-high Trestles) and a go-to for many surfers around the world.

Originally designed for performance in hollower, more powerful types of waves, the Ghost has proven to be great for reef breaks, dumpy beachies, and also excels in point waves.

Based off of our Short Cut, The Ghost outline is more refined: it still has the wide point pushed a bit forward of center, but the nose area is kept down and the tail slightly pulled in to help it fit into a tighter curve.
The thickness is also pushed forward, which helps even more with getting you into waves easily, and we kept the tail and rails thinned out to help hold through barrels and turns at speed.

The rocker is med/low through the front half to get you into waves easily and pick up speed quickly. The rear end has plenty of rocker curve for turning control and a snappy responsiveness. Single concave runs through the entire bottom, with a double concave set inside, which equals speed and lift both on a rail and over flat spots while allowing for quick rail-to-rail transitions. The Ghost's combination of rocker and concave makes for high performance handling through a healthy mix of sensitivity and control.

Depending on what you want to ride it in we recommend you order your Ghosts anywhere from your height to 8" over, a 1/4" to 1/2" wider, and 1/8" to 3/8" thicker than your everyday shorty. Stock boards all have 5-fin set up.
Comes with a round tail, but we can custom make it with any tail you like.

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Video Reviews

What Noel Says

Independent Review by Noel Salas

In this episode I review the Ghost by Pyzel Surfboards. This high performance custom is made for the waves I surf here in Southern Ca and the board DIMS are 5’9” x 18.88 x 2.44 Liters 26.7.

It took roughly 6 months to get this board review done partially because of the lack of surf this winter. With that being said we got to test it in punchy little beach type waves in 3-4’ and some point break waves ranging from 2-5’.

This board is very user friendly for a HPSB and I noticed that it paddles very well, along with generous sized sweet spots that make it very forgiving to ride. One of the easiest performance boards I have ever ridden. It does not demand your feet to be in the perfect spots on the deck of the board to do good turns, and generate speed.

I rode this board with the John John Florence signature Futures Fins as a Thruster set up in the hollow lefts we got to surf and then I switched to a Quad set up for a little more speed at the point breaks.

All in all this is a great HPSB to have in my Quiver and I am sure it can handle any size surf I want to push myself to ride.

Custom Surfboard Dimensions: Diamond CW: 5’5" x 19 x 2.3 Liters 25.7 (board weight with traction 4.75 lbs no fins)

PU/Poly: 5’5" x 19 x 2.3 Liters 25.7 (board weight with traction 5.50 lbs no fins)

Diamond Carbon Wrap weight with Beta 2.0 R8 side fins and R6 center fin = 5.15 lbs

Height: 5’9" Weight:160 lbs or 72.57 kg

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