JS Black Baron EPS

JS Black Baron EPS
JS Black Baron EPS
JS Black Baron EPS
JS Black Baron EPS
JS Black Baron EPS

JS Black Baron EPS


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After years of testing, this is the first twin fin ever released in the JS range, and we’ve timed it precisely to coincide with Parko’s step away from the world tour, and straight towards everything that’s just about the pure enjoyment of surfing. Immediately after announcing his retirement at JBay, Joel jumped onto this board to see one of his favourite breaks in the world with fresh eyes, and rode one wave the entire length of the point, grinning the whole way. He was hooked, and so were we.


By design, JS wanted our twin fin to be equal parts old school speed and new school flair. Foam in all the right places to float over soft sections and fly down the line, yet still allow you to lay it on rail or bust the fins even when you’re going Mach 10. Parko’s overwhelming standout from all of our R&D combined a flat rocker with vee throughout the board from nose to tail, with a balanced, maneuverable plan shape.


JS also tested the twin in a huge range of waves, from tiny beach breaks at home on the Gold Coast, to perfect overhead Cloudbreak. His favourite board? The exact same as Joel’s, with the perfect blend of strengths to make the most versatile twin of ‘em all, which is what we now call the Black Baron.


Whether you’re surfing weak beachies or quality, down the line points and reefs, the Black Baron is a hybrid that allows you to take whatever approach you’re interested in, from exploring new lines and just how fast you can go on a wave, to combining sharp rail turns with throwing the tail. Whatever way you go, it’s all about maximum fun.


*Recommended fin choice – FCSII Power Twin template, or Futures EN Twin (both pictured).


JULIAN WILSON Height: 6’0” (183 cm) // Weight: 80 kg - 176 lbs

*Rides 5'6 ” x 20” x 2 3/8” = 29.0L


JOEL PARKINSON Height: 6’0” (183 cm) // Weight: 83 kg - 184 lbs

*Rides 5'6 ” x 20” x 2 3/8” = 29.0L


RYAN CALLINAN Height: 6’0” (183 cm) // Weight: 80 kg - 176 lbs

*Rides 5'6 ” x 20” x 2 3/8” = 29.0L


ACE BUCHAN Height: 5’9” (179 cm) // Weight: 73 kg - 160 lbs

*Rides 5'5 ” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/16” = 27.5L


HIROTO OHHARA Height: 5’4” (163 cm) // Weight: 62 kg - 137 lbs

*Rides 5'3 ” x 19 1/2” x 2 3/16” = 25.0L


JEREMY FLORES Height: 5’9” (175 cm) // Weight: 70 kg - 155 lbs

*Rides 5'4 ” x 19 5/8” x 2 1/4” = 26.3L


KAI HING Height: 5’10” (178 cm) // Weight: 68 kg - 150 lbs

*Rides 5'4 ” x 19 5/8” x 2 1/4” = 26.3L


MIKEY WRIGHT Height: 6’0” (183 cm) // Weight: 75 kg - 165 lbs

*Rides 5'5 ” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/16” = 27.5L


DUSTY PAYNE Height: 5’9” (175 cm) // Weight: 75 kg - 165 lbs

*Rides 5'5 ” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/16” = 27.5L

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Video Reviews

What Noel Says

Independent Review by Noel Salas

In this episode I put the JS “Black Baron” Twin Fin through the paces in 1-4’ surf. The folks at JS send me two stock boards (5’3” & 5’4”) in their Fusion EPS construction. To my surprise the 5’4” at 26.3 liters felt big for me. On most of the waves I caught my turns felt long and drawn out with the board bogging in the nose area. The more I surfed it the better it felt but at the end of the first session in perfect 2-4’ surf I knew it was too big. The 5’3” at 25 liters on the other hand was extremely responsive and surfed like the performance Twin Fin that I was hoping for. I noticed the board having more get up and go speed from the take off and quicker from turn to turn. The nose was free from bogging due to it being 1”shorter with less volume. This board is a GREAT paddler and has good glide so don’t let the lower liters scare you off to buying it bigger and getting less performance. The Black Baron is a Favorite of mine for 2019 and I highly recommend it for intermediate – pro level surfers. Sizing for this model is crucial to maximize performance in 1-4’ surf. I suggest going with the same liters as your High Performance Short Board (HPSB) if you want true performance in a Twin Fin.

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