OG Flyer EPS - ECT
OG Flyer EPS - ECT

OG Flyer EPS - ECT

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Introducing the all-time most popular design: The Flyer. In 1999, Al Merrick sought a solution to team riders’ need for more speed and flow in lesser waves while maintaining high-performance, world tour-level surfing. The answer was The Flyer, a board that departed from the then overly narrow designs and set the stage for the modern performance shortboard, now wider and shorter. The Flyer stands as the most ridden and enjoyed all-around board in Channel Islands’ history.


  • Versatile Design: Ideal as an everyday board for everyday conditions.
  • Optimised Contours: Single concave entry transitioning to a double through the middle, with a vee exit for enhanced speed and maneuverability.
  • Signature Shape: Al Merrick’s bump squash tail, slight down rail, and a subtle nose beak.
  • Perfect Sizing: Designed to be ridden approximately the same length as the surfer's height.

The Flyer is crafted to provide exceptional performance in a wide range of wave conditions. Its single concave entry offers a smooth takeoff, transitioning to a double concave through the middle for added lift and speed. The vee exit ensures quick, clean transitions between turns, making it a favorite for surfers seeking both speed and flow.

Al Merrick’s signature bump squash tail enhances maneuverability, while the slight down rail and subtle nose beak contribute to its versatile, all-around performance. The Flyer’s design promotes a balanced ride, making it suitable for various skill levels and surfing styles.

The Flyer, designed to be ridden approximately the same length as the surfer's height, ensures optimal performance and comfort. Its unique combination of features makes it the ultimate choice for surfers looking for a reliable, high-performance board for everyday use.

Experience the board that revolutionised modern performance shortboards and continues to set the standard for all-around excellence: The Flyer.

If you like the sound of the OG Flyer EPS - ECT but are looking for something a bit more performance, check out the CI 2. Pro PU - ECT which is perfect for quality waves from 2-5ft. 


Channel Islands Surfboards’ Eco Carbon Tech (ECT): a new carbon hand lamination that will level-up your performance. ECT built boards are livelier, stronger, familiar-feeling underfoot, and environmentally responsible.

ECT boards are hand-built by the same crew of surfers that have been crafting your boards for years.  Available in PU/PE and EPS/Epoxy constructions, ECT can be custom ordered on any board allowing your board to be built just for you and never leaving you stuck between sizes.

For those wanting to take their surfing performance to the next level, look no further than Channel Islands’ ECT built

*Please note there is a 10-12 weeks build time for out-of-stock sizes*

OG Flyer EPS - ECT

From $1,449.00