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The Lost Pisces is an all-around performance fish that is going to be your new everyday board. The Pisces works in bad waves, good waves, mid-level surfers, elite pros... and everything in-between. 

Born from the classic RNF96 Matt has added some refinements to make it turn tighter in the pocket, carve perpendicular on the face, fin-free control in the lip, and still skate freely across the flats. All without jeopardising speed and control.

The Lost Pisces features:

  • A pulled-in nose, with added rocker up front and flatter between the feet.
  • Deeper concave through the mid-section and increased curve through the rail-line rocker, under the rear foot.
  • A mellow wing, aligned to work with the front fins.
  • Five fin boxes, for multiple options: Quad, Twin+2, Twin+1, straight Twin, for you¬†loosey-goosey, cool kids, and even a Thruster, for you diehards.
  • Additional vee to the swallow tips and a scooped-out deckline in the tail that more closely mirrors the bottom curve and brings improved pocket control.¬†

Change is constant, 
Evolution is everywhere, 
And everything must evolve. 
To remain static is to die, 
In life... and in design.


From $1,099.00