Puddle Jumper STING Surfboard by Lost Front And Back View
Puddle Jumper STING Surfboard by Lost Front View
Puddle Jumper STING Surfboard by Lost Back View

Puddle Jumper Sting

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The PUDDLE JUMPER STING takes inspiration from Lost's long-standing collaboration with LIB-Tech, featuring a winged squash tail version of the original Puddle Jumper. The Puddle Jumper, renowned for revolutionising grovellers and becoming one of the most popular choices of its kind, has continued to evolve and maintain its popularity, even more than a decade after it was released. Lost's goal was to build upon this design and take it to the next level by incorporating the iconic STING design element. 


  • A concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail.
  • A wide outline that makes for easy wave catching and down-the-line glide and stability
  • Added lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top-to-bottom surfing.
  • The incorporation of the STING design element makes it suitable for generating speed and executing quick, controlled turns in smaller waves

Positioned at 18 inches (approximately a quarter of the way up from the tail), it enables a sharper, tighter, and more intense turn, into this easy-riding, playful fun machine. It addresses a historical challenge where exceedingly wide hybrids were enjoyable but often limited in achieving truly radical maneuvers. The same innovative approach that propelled the STING into prominence nearly 50 years ago has now been applied to the OG Puddle Jumper.

The Puddle Jumper STING should be ridden 6-7 inches shorter than your everyday shortboard.

If you like the sound of the Puddle Jumper STING but are looking for something more high-performance, The 3.0 Stub Driver may be the go. Known as a small wave-ripping machine, it offers a loose, lively feel and easy release under the rear foot, making it perfect for effortlessly handling small pockets and quick dumpy sections you'll find in most beachies. 

Puddle Jumper Sting

From $1,199.00