Raging Bull Easy Rider HYFI 2.0

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Over the last year, Occy’s fallen back in love with surfing all over again. He’s in the water more, working on boards constantly with JS, and revisiting all of his old favourites to combine the best of the last decade with our next golden era… Right now.

The Raging Bull Easy Rider HYFI 2.0 model is an incredibly forgiving, versatile travel board that will be your go-to for better days at home and any time you’re lucky enough to be away chasing proper waves. It has all of the elements Occ wanted to make performance surfing easy. A user-friendly, good wave board that allows you to both generate speed in everyday waves, but also harness and control all the power of solid conditions and powerful surfing. Ideal for decent beach breaks up to pumping points and reefs from 2 – 8ft plus. Compared with our other models built for quality surf, there are a lot of differences here. The Raging Bull makes your best surfing easy from home to hardcore surf trips, and it’s an easy decision to make if you’re only going to have one go-to board with you. As we saw from Occy at Bells, that’s all it takes to make the fire burn brighter than ever. The Raging Bull is back.

The JS Raging Bull Easy Rider HYFI 2.0 has; 

  • A fuller nose with the wide point and extra thickness pushed forward
  • A flatter entry rocker to make it paddle fast and get into waves early, and then while surfing, generate and hold all of that extra speed
  • A pulled-in tail that gives you control for turns and barrels in more critical conditions
  • A touch more curve in the exit rocker that adds manoeuvrability and release out of the lip
  • A moderate single concave that starts under the front foot, moving to double concave just before the fins to provide lift and more intuitive rail-to-rail transitions
  • Then finally, there’s Occ’s favourite part – as he calls it, the “Raging Bull thickness”. Essentially, this refers to JS maintaining a strategically generous distribution of volume throughout the board that goes hand in hand with thicker stock dimensions. This is the key to more paddle power, gliding over flat sections, and to again quote Occ, “lets you leave it on rail forever.”

The JS Raging Bull Easy Rider HYFI 2.0 should be ridden about 2-3 inches shorter than your good wave performance board. 

Easy Rider dimensions have been created to make JS' most popular models even more approachable. After a year of JS riding more different boards than ever before alongside Occy and Parko, with an R&D process riddled with injuries, lower fitness levels & work obligations, JS designed our EasyRider specs for easy paddling coupled with high-performance surfing. Foam is hidden in all the right places for extra floatation, but with lowered rails that can still be buried at high speed.

If you like the sound of the JS Raging Bull Easy Rider HYFI 2.0 but are looking for something that can handle flatter weaker waves, check out the JS Xero Easy Rider HYFI 2.0 which is perfect for everyday waves from 0-4ft. 

Raging Bull Easy Rider HYFI 2.0

From $1,199.00


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