Sub Driver 2.0 Lost Surfboard By Mayhem In Blacksheep Construction Front And Back View
Eli Hanneman Riding The Sub Driver 2.0 Lost Surfboard By Mayhem In Blacksheep Construction Front Air View
Sub Driver 2.0 Lost Surfboard By Mayhem In Blacksheep Construction Front View
Sub Driver 2.0 Lost Surfboard By Mayhem In Blacksheep Construction Back View

Sub Driver 2.0 Black Sheep

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Lost/Mayhem's best high-performance shortboard just got better.

The SUB DRIVER 2.0 BLACK SHEEP is the latest iteration in the continuing evolution of Lost's most user-friendly, pro-formance shortboard. Developed in the soft peeling points of San Clemente, The Sub Driver 2.0 loves small to average surf from 1-4ft and does well in connecting the dots in mushy points, or weak, broken-up beach breaks. A surfboard developed for competitors in sub-par surf, that transitions perfectly to everyday surfers. Reflecting the small wave demands from Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto and Lost's up-and-coming team of Junior Pros and WQS Warriors, constant evolution and noticeable updates have brought us to the Sub Driver 2.0.

The Lost/Mayhem Sub Driver 2.0 Black Sheep has; 

  • A wider, more forgiving, nose designed to increase forward drive and lend more stability for hot shots landing radical airs. The wider nose creates a straighter forward outline which paddles into waves more easily and subsequently builds forward momentum faster in smaller surf.
  • A smoothed-out wide hip in the tail balances the wider forward outline, allowing more control at speed and more effortless bottom turns and cutbacks. The wide tail creates a stable platform, especially in small waves. The hip breaks the rail line and creates a pivot point to crank tight, powerful turns in lesser surf.
  • Added thickness along the centre with increased “vee” deck and more refined rails to encourage radical rail turns and make a more nimble, reactive board that still floats through flats. The thicker centerline under the chest aids paddling and makes for more drive off the front foot.
  • A deeper concave in the rear third of the board: The rail rocker transitions from a modest forward concave to a deeper, more curvy, rail line through the front fins. It then accelerates upward to a slight vee behind the rear fin and out the tail. There is a fair amount of double concave through the tail, adding lift and helping the water squirt through and release.
  • The curvy rail rocker creates a hinge under the rear foot and counterbalances the low, flat centerline tail rocker, enabling it to be surfed tight and vertical in the pocket, as well as the already speedy down-the-line drive.
  • Black Sheep Built Construction: A high-quality carbon fibre deck, to create a fast, responsive and lively surfboard. A board that is both lightweight and flexible, but also surprisingly strong.

The Sub Driver 2.0 Black Sheep should be ridden 1-2 inches shorter than your Driver 2.0 or a similar performance shortboard. Also available in BRO dims. 

If you love the sound of the Sub Driver 2.0 Black Sheep but are looking for something that can handle a bit more size, check out the Driver 3.0, the updated version of the Driver 2.0, perfect for high-performance surfing from 2-8ft. 

WARNING: Carbon Fiber surfboards can easily get hot! They’re dark…and like all things dark, they soak up the sun and heat. Take care of your board and do not leave it in the sun.

Sub Driver 2.0 Black Sheep

From $1,495.00