Sub Scorcher STING by Lost Surfboards Front And Back View
Athlete Surfing The Sub Scorcher STING by Lost Surfboards Front Air View
Sub Scorcher STING by Lost Surfboards Front View
Sub Scorcher STING by Lost Surfboards Back View

Sub Scorcher Sting

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The Sub Scorcher STING is a spicier new version of the classic Sub Scorcher surfboard known for its relaxed rocker and easy maneuverability, especially in waves under 4ft. The added width in the centre and the incorporation of the STING element (the wing placement), positioned about 1/4 of the way up the tail, allows for sharp, controlled turns and maneuvers, making the Sub Scorcher STING a versatile and playful performance shortboard for everyday waves. 


  • A shallow single to double concave, transitioning to vee in the tail
  • Added rail rocker from the OG Sub Scorcher
  • Extra width through the centre for easy entry and quick planning
  • The incorporation of the STING design element makes it suitable for generating speed and executing quick, controlled turns in smaller waves.
  • A gradual tail curve leads to a 6‚Äù wide, shallow swallow tail.

The STING makes a sharp reduction in width and creates an acute angle for jamming quick, radical, controlled turns into tight sections, or out on the wave's open face. Generously dimensioned, with plenty of volume, the SUB SCORCHER-STING, is an everyday, playful, performance shortboard, with the STING design element allowing easy initiation of radical turns and maneuvers.

The Sub Scorcher STING should be ridden 2-3 inches shorter than your everyday shortboard. For instance, if your standard shortboard is a 5'10 3.0 Stub Driver, you'll find the 5'8 or 5'7 Sub Scorcher STING to be a good option for you.

If you like the sound of to the Sub Scorcher STING but are looking for something more high-performance, The 3.0 Stub Driver may be the go. Known as a small wave-ripping machine, it offers a loose, lively feel and easy release under the rear foot, making it perfect for effortlessly handling small pockets and quick dumpy sections you'll find in most beachies. 

Sub Scorcher Sting

From $1,199.00