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Good surfers say it pushes back, even in small waves. Lost's Sub-Driver not only benefits Pros, it really is perfect for most Bros. Short and stubby with plenty of built-in drive, it's easy to catch waves and generate speed on. It loves small to average surf.

Since its inception, The SUB-DRIVER has remained our most consistently successful WQS competition board. Year after year, competitors around the world request Sub Drivers as a special weapon for the varied and unpredictable surf of the World Qualifying Series.

First developed in 21, for Kolohe Andino. In 211 Kolohe won 5 WQS events during his WCT qualifying season...all on Sub-Drivers. Mick Fanning took notice, and that same year, famously grabbed one of Kolohe's old discarded SUB-DRIVERs and blazed through many heats at The Lowers Pro, claiming the board 'completely changed his perception of what a competition board can be'. He later carried and used one, multiple times during his 213 World Title run. Since then, the list of surfers finding success on this design is long.

In 217, we are still making as many custom Sub-Drivers for Pro surfers as ever. Somewhat radical in its design, it was originally created by hand cutting about 1" off the nose and tail of a Driver model. Its most prominent features being the slightly wider than average nose, a noticeably wide hip and tail block with spiral vee behind the rear fin. The full nose provides stability for landing airs. The wide hip in front of the fins creates a sort of parallel outline for drive. The noticeable hip/bump at the fins, angling into the wide squash tail, breaks the rail line and gives the surfer a pivot point to crank tight, powerful turns. The wide tail block makes for a stable platform in small waves and at low speeds, and combined with all the other elements allows the board to be ridden pretty short. The rail rocker transitions from a modest concave under the front foot, transitioning to flat at the rear fin, and continuing upward into noticeable, double concave, vee out the tail. There is a good amount of double concave through the tail, adding lift and helping the water squirt through and release.

*Please note that quantities reflect boards we have in stock. Fin options are FCS unless otherwise shown.

If you would like to order a custom board please call us on 7 5536 1123, or head over to the Lost Websiteto order it online.