Twin Pin with Tint

Twin Pin with Tint
Twin Pin with Tint
Twin Pin with Tint

Twin Pin with Tint


Channel Islands

Channel Islands Twin Pin with Tint was born from the collaboration between Britt Merrick and Mikey February, whose style is already recognized among the bests in the world, this twin-finned pintail will perform as the swiss knife for waves.

Britt and Mikey will have you covered with this beauty that has all the fun twin feels but with the hold and projection you need so you can be cleared from missing a third fin or trailer. Talking about versatility, the Twin Pin is designed as an all-rounder, which helps rip in anything from poor little waves to double overhead breaking walls.

Most people ride the Twin Pin at least ⅛” thicker than their shortboard since the rails are low.

Britt designed a hand foiled signature twin fin set to fit between a keel and upright fin to best perform with this CI Twin Pin providing the right balance of drive, hold and maneuverability, and flow.

Britt Merrick himself has another tip for you: "If you ride the Twin Pin in larger than average surf, you may want more gold and the Al Merrick Keel is great for that. I do the same if rincon is double over head or more. But 90% of the time our new fin will suit most people."

*All of our stock is being built with futures fins so it is compatible with the bespoke Twin Pin Fin

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What Noel Says

Independent Review by Noel Salas

I review the new "Twin Pin" by CI Surfboards.

Board DIMS:
5'6" x 18 1/2 x 2 3/8 (26.4L)
5'5" x 18 1/2 x 2 3/8 (25.8L)

My Height 5'9"
Weight: 165 lb or 74.84 kg

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