Pedal Electric

The Earth as we know it is rapidly changing. Landscapes, climate, and oceans— all urgently asking us for change. Now is the time for alternative ways to exist and adventure on this planet. As a part of the global effort to slow climate change, PEDAL is proud to offer an Electric Motorbike that lowers carbon emissions and amplifies the adventure both near and far.

Pedals mission is to be a sustainably built brand in the Electric transit space that inspires a conscious community of adventure enthusiasts and daily commuters. Built with an emphatic focus on quality, aesthetics, and function, PEDAL Bikes are meant to last and live through the wear and tear of daily use on any terrain. By offering a top quality Electric Motorbike, Pedal empowers individuals to drastically lower their carbon footprint and experience nature's playgrounds from a different perspective.

By rolling with Pedal, you make a purchase that gives back to our earth and allows you to do your part in slowing climate change.